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noun [C]

  • A Research based Industrial Design Studio:
    A studio dedicated to transforming innovative ideas into impactful realities. Based in Thailand, Dessearch combines a deep understanding of user needs with creative excellence to deliver exceptional design solutions that resonate globally.

  • The Synthesis of Design and Research:
    A pioneering approach where the art of design meets the science of research, leading to innovative and impactful solutions. Known for its unique blend of creativity and analytical rigor.

  • A Brand Philosophy:
    The ethos of a design studio that believes in redefining boundaries, exceeding expectations, and creating with purpose. Stands for being well-rounded, integrated, and dynamic in all endeavors.

  • A Creative Journey:
    An adventure embarked upon with clients, characterized by exploration, discovery, and transformation. Marked by a collaborative spirit and a commitment to excellence.

  • To Engage in a DESSEARCH Process:
    The act of exploring, defining, designing, developing, and deploying in the realm of design and research. A process known for its depth, thoroughness, and client-centric focus.

Example :
"Going through a Dessearch journey, we discovered innovative solutions that perfectly aligned with our user needs and business goals."

What Sets Us Apart

All About Us

"Collaborating for Creative Breakthroughs in Design and Research"

Our Vision

In a world where design meets innovative research, we lead with collaboration. Our vision is to transform unique ideas into impactful, user-centered realities. Together, we're not just designing; we're creating a future where every project redefines excellence.

"Innovating Design, Empowering Collaboration"

Our Mission

At Dessearch, we’re all about combining fresh design ideas with deep research insights. We believe in creating designs that truly resonate with users. Our mission is to partner with you, bringing expertise and a personal touch to every project, challenging the norms to discover new design possibilities together.



'Well-rounded' reflects our holistic approach to design and research. We value diverse perspectives and comprehensive solutions that consider all aspects of a problem.


'Integrated' speaks to our commitment to cohesiveness and synergy. We believe in the power of combining different fields of expertise to create something greater than the sum of its parts.


'Dynamic' is about embracing change and innovation. We are committed to staying agile, forward-thinking, and responsive to the evolving needs of our industry and clients.

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