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"AROS Inhaler" is an aromatic kit designed to be conveniently used while exercising. With its cooling herbal benefits and aromatic essential oils, it keeps users feeling refreshed and relaxed during their workout.

AROS Inhaler

Industrial design

User Experience Research



Aromatherapy products for exercise

Currently, only a few products are available in the market, but they still struggled to meet the needs of the users. Users often encounter stickiness or discomfort from oil or cream, the smell that evaporates too quickly or alters during exercise, and the hassles of carrying and using while exercising.

Dessearch came up with an aromatic product for exercise that’s properly designed to support users during workout. The product will have a refreshing scent, and soothing effects for muscles; aims to revive and relax users in exercise without any annoyance or discomfort, to help them exercise more efficiently.

The result of this project has been showcased at the DesignPlant exhibition in the theme of "Express" for Bangkok Design Week 2022.