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"On-Sorn" is a project based on waste materials from cutting and re-rolling unit for paper and adhesive tape processing; molded wood and industrial cardboard tube which these material are incredibly strong. So we decided to play around and bring value to it by turning it into a stool.


Industrial design

Material Based Design



From Industrial Waste

Dessearch identified the surplus materials from the paper factory, namely molded wood and industrial cardboard tubes. Upon studying the leftover materials, it was discovered that they could be repurposed into a highly functional chair. The design is suitable for supporting the weight of users and can be manufactured without the need for machinery. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly as it avoids the use of nails but instead employs a traditional method using twine.

The On-Sorn stool was inspired by Northeast Thailand's wisdom of drum rope tentioning. The unique pattern created by tentioning drum reflex iconic visual as graphic. The rope tention itself hold leather drum face to its structure and tune the sound to your preference.

The result of this project has been showcased at the


in the theme of "{Exhibit Theme}"